Mozilla stand at the national week of the Internet

The NIMG_0806ational Week of the Internet is the biggest event around the Internet in Burkina. Its aim is firstly to carry out activities aimed at initiating a critical mass of people to the Internet, and also to create conditions for industry players to present their expertise.
The Mozilla community was present at the international exhibition of ICT in Ouagadougou held during the week, through the animation of his stand.
Through the stand, the Mozilla community has the following objectives:
  • Inform the public of the existence of the community,
  • Present the mission, products and Mozilla projects,
  • Recruiting new contributors.

The show started on June 23 for a period of five days.
There were 5 volunteers for the animation of the Mozilla booth:

– Tatiana Pandaré,
–  Edgard ModesteTindano,
– Dominique Ouedraogo,
– Abdoulaye Sawadogo,
– Idriss Tinto.
There was not a particular presentation or demo to do. When we have visitors, we explain what Mozilla is and why it’s important to contribute. Then we talk to them of Burkina community, our goals and we invite them to join the family by registering on the list of new volunteers. For those interested, we made a Firefox OS demo with ZTE Open or using the simulator. The visitors were not able to register directly on the Mozilla site because of the poor quality of Internet connexion at the event.
The stand was visited by about 400 people, and 193 people have registered for new contributors. Among our visitors, we had a municipal mediateque officer who told us that we can use their premises for our operations when needed. There were also students from various universities who showed volunteers to organize Maker party in their universities. Furthermore, a linguist from University of Ouagadougou  has expressed interest in our localization project and intend to accompany us.
Following this activity, we can say that it was a succes, as we exceeded our post-event metrics. Our next event, scheduled for the end of this month looks promising.

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